The digital transformation is touching all areas of commerce including the factory and warehouse floor. Factories are increasingly employing sophisticated robotics, machine learning, massive 3D printing and AR/VR. All of these new applications require high performance network connectivity and that connection needs to be where the tools are not where the cable lies. Expanding a low speed 1GE network to new locations and/or upping its performance in these large facilities can be a nightmare when the solution must require zero down time.

With a multi-gigabit wireless system, WaveTunnel, owners and operators can rapidly deploy Ethernet connections wherever they may be needed. As the factory or Warehouse grows and adapts to new demands, the WaveTunnel network can easily be re-deployed in hours. No Down Time, No extra cost. Simple, secure, fast.

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The WaveTunnel System by Airvine

High Performance. Simple. Secure.