Hotels have been under stress with the pandemic over the past several years reducing travel, requiring these properties to be more efficient and offer next level services to attract the returning travelers – whether the travel is business or personal. Early check-in with your phone, using your phone as a key are but two simple use cases hotels now offer routinely. In addition, travelers expect to be able to stream their favorite content, and not just on one device but TVs, phones, tablets, laptops can all be used for access. Often simultaneously.

To support the travel demands of not just today but tomorrow for most properties this means a retrofit or upgrade of existing wired indoor infrastructure. If done by pulling cable, these upgrades cause disruption to guest from the attendant construction. For the property owner this often means lost revenue while blocks of rooms, even entire floors, are out of service during the construction.

With WaveTunnel, nodes are hung from the ceiling, beaming through walls and steering around corridors with almost zero construction. Guests will see a two man crew with a ladder at most, while owners will keep rooms open and available for travelers.

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The WaveTunnel System by Airvine

High Performance. Simple. Secure.