The groundbreaking WaveTunnel system by Airvine represents a new tool or product in the IT toolbox.

High Capacity

A high capacity, simple to deploy and operate yet highly secure and innovative approach to indoor backbones, WaveTunnel wireless networks have a wide number of applications. Delivering multigigabit connectivity, punching through interior walls and steering around corners.

Wide Range of Applications

WaveTunnel networks can be used in many many markets. From Multiple Dwelling Unit connectivity to factories and Industrial 4.0, office complexes, schools, malls – any indoor application that needs a high-speed Ethernet backbone – can benefit from the easy-to-use WaveTunnel solution.

Multiple Dwelling Units

Expanding IoT and increased capacity of next generation WiFi APs drives the need for gigabits in the backbone.


Door locks, cameras, multiple devices per guest and more. Today’s Hospitality infrastructure has more demands placed on it than ever before.

Industrial Factories and Warehouses

These facilities are rapidly entering the digital world with advanced AI, 3D printing and more. Driving the need for new and higher performance connectivity.

Large Private Venues

Indoor arenas, stadiums and convention halls Ethernet networks are by nature dynamic with changing network needs based on the event being supported. Flexible and adaptable backbones such as the WaveTunnel address key needs.

The WaveTunnel System by Airvine

High Performance. Simple. Secure.