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Airvine is committed to driving 100% of sales through partners.

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  • Access to a $10 billion a year market with a very disruptive solution
  • Unique offering with no established competitors
  • Strong differentiation versus legacy solutions based on structured wiring
  • Compelling value proposition across a wide range of enterprise verticals

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A great partner program begins with the product

Airvine has developed the industry’s first intelligent, in-building, wireless backhaul system with the performance and reliability of fiber, but without costly and cumbersome cabling. It is the perfect solution for customers looking to upgrade their legacy structured wiring deployments to meet the needs of the modern enterprise.

The Airvine solution delivers multi-gigabit/sec speeds, installs quickly and without the need for contractors, supports rapid moves, adds, and changes, and much more. We are at the vanguard of the move away from “wired connectivity” and toward networks that are as flexible and adaptable as the enterprises they support.

Partner Program Exclusive Features

Partner Benefits

  • Deal registration
  • Learning system
  • Sales training
  • Demo equipment discounts
  • Comprehensive collateral
  • Competitive Information
  • Joint marketing and sales programs
  • Market development funds
  • Monthly Partner Webinars
  • Sales tools
  • Online resource center

Partner Advantages

Airvine partners are authorized to sell, install, and support the full line of WaveTunnel solutions — giving your customers the first viable alternative to legacy copper cabling. The TAP program provides resources required to guarantee success. Our goal is to help our partners expand their business with unique solutions that complement and enhances Wi-Fi deployments.

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