In today’s digital era, reliable internet is crucial in K-12 education from elementary to high schools.

The WaveTunnelâ„¢ wireless Ethernet Backbone system by Airvine meets these demands with lightning-fast multi-gigabit data transfer rates, connecting and supporting Wi-Fi based traffic from high-definition video streaming, interactive learning, and extensive video conferencing.

This technology upgrades outdated infrastructure, like slow CAT 5 Ethernet, and supports the integration of new IoT applications, such as student tracking and digital security systems.

The WaveTunnel utilizes patented RF technology to penetrate walls and circumvent obstacles, ensuring reliable internet coverage across school campuses without the need for disruptive wired installations.

This approach preserves the integrity of educational buildings and supports network expansion to accommodate new facilities and outdoor spaces.

As an E-Rate vendor, Airvine offers a cost-effective solution for K-12 schools to upgrade their digital infrastructure.

The WaveTunnel System by Airvine

High Performance. Simple. Secure.