Brackets & Various Assemblies

Various configurations of viewers with different groupings of images and 360 spins. All still images are available hi-res for collateral and web. This is the Media Viewer utility from, the image hosting service being used on your website.

Viewer 1

This viewer has all the images and both 360° spins, the entire set of bracket images so you can see them all in one place. We would not do a viewer like this in practice, there are too many items.

Viewer 2

Bracket overviews from several angles and showing extension heights.

Viewer 3

Power adapter views.

Viewer 4

Plug insertion detail views.

Viewer 5

Another grouping of different views.

Viewer 6

Two 360° spins.

The bracket spin has 3 angles, you can tilt it up and down by dragging your mouse up and down.

The WaveTunnel spins at one angle.


GIF animation of bracket lock mechanism. Auto-plays and loops, audio is not supported. Works on all browsers with no special markup (Simpler HTML, just like a static image)

Use where video is not reliable, but file size is larger (14MB)


Video clip of bracket lock mechanism. Click required for playback, unless extra code is applied for auto-play. No audio in this clip, but it is supported.

Smallest file size, will play on most modern browsers and devices, though video streaming sometimes has playback limitations. 4.5MB

The WaveTunnel System by Airvine

High Performance. Simple. Secure.