The WaveTunnel Advantage

Wireless Ethernet Backbones For All


Get Up and Running Faster

Deploying our wireless Ethernet Backbone can be done in a fraction of the time needed to install conduit, HVAC for IDFs, run cable, patch and paint walls/ceilings and more.


AP and WaveTunnels
Install with the Same Crew


Speed + Efficiency for Lower Cost and More Profit

Reduce the bottom line and increase the top line.
The key to success.

The Next Revolution in Indoor Wireless
WaveTunnel by Airvine

Learn how Airvine’s WaveTunnel system can simplify and smooth your network upgrades and expansions.

Reach out to us and we can show you how this ground breaking system can work for you.

The WaveTunnel System by Airvine

High Performance. Simple. Secure.