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  • Totally committed to the success of our partners
  • Access to a $20 billion a year market with a disruptive solution
  • World-class partner program
  • General availability in Q4 2022
  • Extensive library of collateral and sales tools
  • Unique offering with no direct competitors
  • Strong differentiation versus legacy solutions
  • Strong solution across a wide range of enterprise verticals

A Great Partner Program Begins with the Product

WaveTunnel™ technology brings intelligent switching out of the wiring closet and moves it closer to the user. Allows traffic from the access layer to be aggregated and backhauled to the data center. Our solution utilizes both wired (GigE) and wireless ports, both of which are capable of multi-gigabit/sec data transfer rates. Airvine value prop includes:

  • An immersive digital experience where service can be turned-up in a matter of minutes
  • Traffic can be automatically directed over the optimum path
  • NO business disruptions when turning up services
  • Installs easily in ANY type of building with no skills required
  • Ideal for situations where it’s difficult to pull wire
  • Supports multiple parallel access networks with secure partitioning
  • Pay-as-you-grow architecture for maximum flexibility

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Partners & Customers are Talking

“What intrigued me most about this technology is its ability to completely transform how enterprise networks are built. Normally the switching function is in a wiring closet on each floor, but with the Airvine solution it’s pushed out toward the users. This enables all sorts of interesting possibilities including quick and easy installs; fast moves, adds, and changes; and almost unlimited flexibility. This distributed switching approach can also eliminate the need for IDF’s and wiring closets.”

Nathan “Nate” Cline
President of Alpha Net Communications
San Antonio, Texas
Trusted Airvine Partner

“We have been looking for an indoor wireless backbone solution for a very long time. Our resellers often come up against situations that are not well suited to copper cabling and are looking for other options. We looked at Wi-Fi Mesh technology but didn’t see that as a viable option in enterprise applications. The kinds of situations that our VARs run into usually involve older building without drop ceiling and sheetrock walls. The ability of WaveTunnel technology to punch through most interior walls is a big advantage in these situations.”

Magnus Hellstrom
Nowire Nordic AB
Stockholm, Sweden

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