June 2024 Airvine Update

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Connectivity Corner

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Vulnerabilities in Wireless Backhaul

Researchers at Rice University found a critical security vulnerability in high-frequency wireless backhaul links. This discovery highlights the importance of developing and implementing wireless backhaul solutions that prioritize robust, secure, and interference-resistant designs. Ensuring these protections will keep our wireless infrastructure reliable and secure in our increasingly connected world.

senior living

Future Trends in Senior Living

Better connectivity in senior living facilities is key, supporting telehealth, smart building tech, and resident engagement. As baby boomers move in, they bring their devices and expect strong tech support to stay connected. Reliable, high-speed internet helps integrate these technologies smoothly, improving care and efficiency. Strong, secure networks are crucial for managing data and providing top-notch services.

industry 4.0

Real-World Applications of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is shaking up manufacturing with advanced tech like IoT sensors for predictive maintenance, digital twins for process optimization, AI-driven quality control, autonomous robotics for better efficiency, and blockchain for secure supply chain management. These innovations are transforming traditional manufacturing processes, making them more efficient, reducing costs, and boosting competitiveness across various industries.

What’s New with Airvine

🎉 Airvine is now E-rate certified, enabling educational institutions to utilize their funds for deploying our cutting-edge network solutions.

🗒️ With the VineOS 1.3 SW release we now offer RADIUS support as well as a more automated implementation of our PoE support. Please refer to the release notes for more detail.

🛜 Within just four days, Airvine conceived, deployed, and implemented the network at HD Expo for ZenSpace Pods, ensuring seamless connectivity on the expo floor.

sama wifi

🇲🇽 Airvine is proud to announce that the WaveTunnel™ system is now certified for sale and use in Mexico! Contact our partner, SAMA, to learn more about what WaveTunnel can do for you in Mexico.

new partners

🤝 Welcome to PartnerOneIT and NWS as Airvine’s new Channel Partners!

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