What Is Backhaul and Why Do I Need It?

people connecting using backhaul

Backhaul forms the invisible backbone of our connected world, crucial for the seamless operation of networks that power our daily digital interactions. This blog delves into the concept of core network connectivity, how it works, and its significance in modern telecommunications. We’ll also spotlight how Airvine is innovating in this space with our advanced wireless…

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Revolutionize Manufacturing: Empowering Industry 4.0 Connectivity

Introduction to Industry 4.0  The fourth industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, is redefining the manufacturing landscape through automation, data exchange, and smart technologies. It’s a world where connectivity is the backbone of operational efficiency and innovation.  Connectivity in Industry 4.0 is pivotal. It ensures seamless communication between machines, systems, and processes. Here’s a thought:…

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60GHz and You – Safe, Reliable Gigabits for All

Safety in the workplace, safety at your home, and safety, wherever you are, is an expectation we all share. This is also true of new products and technologies that are introduced. We trust experts and governments to ensure that “new stuff” is inherently safe. With the introduction and market adoption of systems and products operating…

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60GHz Finds a Home

millimeter wavelength spectrum

Communications networks are constantly evolving, improving performance as new technologies arise all to deliver more bits/second. Wireless communications networks are no different, if not more difficult as the medium, air, is much more difficult to operate in than a cable or piece of fiber. This drive, more bits/second, is the reason that 60GHz has been…

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Next Generation Factory Networks

Running Ethernet cables in a factory environment can present several challenges due to the unique characteristics and requirements of factory settings. Yet the Industrial 4.0 wave sweeping around the world demands faster and more prevalent ethernet connectivity. Benefits arising from a connected factory range from IIoT, remote monitoring, asset tracking, worker safety and productivity to…

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