Airvine Pilot Program Application

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Airvine will begin early customer trials of our WaveTunnel technology beginning in September of 2021.  Location must be indoors as the WaveTunnel nodes are not environmentally hardened for outdoor use.

Your active participation in the trial will make this program a success.  This will include regular weekly conference calls with the Airvine team.

Note: Airvine will provide the equipment and the necessary training to enable a successful trial.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How many WaveTunnel Nodes will you be providing?

Airvine will provide up to 4 WaveTunnel nodes for each pilot customer.

2) Wall Power of POE (Power-over-Ethernet)

For the initial phase of the pilot program, customers should deploy WaveTunnel nodes using AC power. Your account manager will inform you when you can enable POE.

3) Mounting

The WaveTunnel pilot unit will support ceiling and wall mount options, but we recommend the ceiling mount option.

4) Can Airvine nodes be deployed between floors in the pilot

The pilot version of Airvine WaveTunnel technology will not support deployment between floors.

5) What topologies will be supported by the WaveTunnel nodes

The pilot version will only support a point-to-point topology, but at general availability the product will also support a ring-based configuration.

6) Can Airvine nodes work with different generations of Wi-Fi technology

Yes, it can support different version such as 802.11ac and ax on the same WaveTunnel backbone.

7) How long is the early customer trial expected to last?
Expectation is 4 weeks, with all equipment being returned at the end of the trial.

8) Can this equipment operate in line of sight and non-line of sight situations?
Yes, with a maximum range of 100 meters.  If the obstructions are extensive the range may be more limited.

9) Can IOT traffic run over the same WaveTunnel backbone as the IT traffic?


10) Do I need to be an RF expert to operate a WaveTunnel backbone?

No, this technology requires no RF knowledge to operate

The WaveTunnel System by Airvine

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